Where Did the Equiptment Go?

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Recently one of the former PMAA participants had noticed that the doors had been re-opened for the space. When they had entered they noticed that all the equipment for PMAA was gone. iMacs, keyboards, mixing board, studio mic and, Etc. The space was not even opened for PMAA but, re-opened for the Tropicana program. Leaving a big question mark in our heads. Where did the equipment go? There has still been no communication between the youth and the administration. Leaving the youth with the big question. What is happening to our beloved studio? The elegant Yamaha keyboard where, participants used to showcase their talent is no longer beside out beautiful mural. The booth where participants used to express themselves is now empty but still has the sign that says, “Recording Booth” on the door. The iMacs and midi keyboards where participants used to work on their beats are no where to be seen. The wall of certificates from students that have successfully completed the program are now bare. The shelf that showcased the albums that were created in that studio are now full of old books that no one probably reads. Where the stuff went? Where did it it go. No one can tell you, only the administration know. Help the youth get their studio back and, get the word out about PMAA by signing the online petition and following us on Facebook.


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