MAY 21, 2014 – a second email sent to Executive Director, but yet still no response.

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

UPDATE: ON MAY 21ST, a second email was sent to the ED of the SRRA, asking for dialogue and a meeting with the youth. We STILL have NO RESPONSE.

“Dear Ms. Payne

I am writing on behalf of the youth of the Palisades Media Arts Academy Program at Youth ‘N’ Charge Studio. As you know, the studio was closed on April 30th, and yet we are still unaware of the current situation regarding the studio. We conducted a rally in front of the studio on Friday May 9th to which we invited you through email, but unfortunately you were not able to make it. Did you manage to receive the email? Was there a reason you were not able to meet with us? This email is a follow up to the aforementioned and our aim is the same as before, we are simply seeking clarification and discourse in regards to the studio closure. As youth and participants of PMAA, the YNC studio and the PMAA program was something very dear to our hearts, it was an integral space from which we could create and be inspired free from any negative influences in a safe environment among friends. Some of us only found out via a sign posted on the studio door… we are at a loss as to what happened. We feel that our space was yanked away from us without any explanation as to the causes. All we wish to gain here is some insight into the matter and how we can become involved in efforts to revive the studio and its program. Help us as youth to understand the reasons a space that is supposed to be a part of a youth driven and youth-led initiative was taken from us without any notice, communication or opportunity to remedy the situation or furthermore what we can do as leaders of tomorrow to help get the studio up and running again in as little time as possible.

We hope that you will be able to help us in gaining further insight into the matter and help us in turn to get the studio up and running smoothly. I will be acting as a liaison for the group so if there is any correspondence on your behalf we kindly ask that you respond to or you can reach me directly at 647 439 8320 We thank you for your time and consideration in the matter.”


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